You ever look at someone and think..wow my life is hard but it isn’t that hard.  I deal with that state of mind all the time. While I don’t think I have an ego or anything like that to an extreme. I know I have put myself into a situation that is much better than at least half the people I know.

I focus on what I can do to make myself and the people I interact with feel better. Not happy so much as content with the moment. I never dig into people or ask a million questions. For some reason I have a face that people just tell me all sorts of nonsense.

For example I have been told at random about stories of revenge. How someone wants revenge so badly that it just overwhelms them. It has to be spit out to someone and some of the time it’s me.  I hear stories about drug abuse, struggle, and how some time people turn themselves around from being very bad.

Revenge is never a good thing to want but have I ever felt it? Of course I have. It was never an easy to feel and to this day I am a pretty unforgiving guy about how I deal with the people in my life that do wrong by me. I always give people ONE chance and the few times that I have given more it was because of some stupid endless hope I felt towards that person.

90% of the time I am wrong and I learn from it.



This “project” as I like to call it. Was meant to be a place to go to for my night life. It being winter we are in a calm before a storm. It’s cold and silent yet what I am finding is that people are preparing for the great outdoors. What will we do during the summer? What will happen once we can go outside without freezing.

I have a prediction that it’s going to be a violent summer. Lots of conflict is in the air. How would I know that? I don’t watch the news and  I hate the media but I work with people. Social interaction is part of my life so why would I read about it?

I see the calm and silence as a sign. You know that look your parent gives you when you surprise them with something bad. I get that look from strangers all the time and most are just buying beer to cheer up. So that is happening and while I have been sick the last week I know that as bad as I felt it’s going to be worse come summer.

Is this without hope? No but I will leave you with that for now.