Doing things during the day always reminds me about big the world actually is. Living in a small town close to the city is a constant reminder of how different things can be from place to place. I grew up lucky because I was raised in a city that was diverse and constantly changing. However the funny part to that is you don’t notice the change until you leave and return.

Sometimes it can be a good change but most of the time it isn’t. Most of the time “recently” it’s people trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. The world grows like that and at night you don’t notice it much because of all the darkness. You learn very quickly to accept the light for all it’s electric and energy.

Being a night person you find yourself isolated often and it sometimes halos out the idea of what life should be or CAN be for that matter. I hate saying it should be anything in all honesty. It is going to be one way no matter what and thinking in should be is never a good path to go down.

IT CAN be different and sometimes easy to deal with problems but really at the end of the day I come to piece with everything because I know that while I am doing…what I do. People are getting  ready to deal with everything.


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