I never liked the saying “I battle with depression”. You don’t battle emotions because a battle by the statement makes it sound like it’s something you can fight and win. Emotions regardless of how good or bad are feelings that people go in and out of. Feeling one way and shortly after NOT feeling that way is simply the state a person is in.

You can’t win at something you simply must let it pass. Anyone who works at night can tell you that at some point you will feel depressed. Isolation, darkness and silence caves in on the mind at some point even if it’s for a short period of time. It’s why we party at night and cover the air in lights when we do it. Light helps keep the mood BRIGHT and cheery if not give it the effect of something like that.

I never questioned my depression much even as a young person. It always came in waves and it went out the same way. Like everything I put far to much thought into it but I allowed myself to dwell on it same as if I was Happy or excited for something. The problem with a negative emotion is really in the statement.. it’s negative so naturally no one likes to feel it.

Yet it does create a balance and it allows some prospective of what is going on in the day. We push past the difficult parts because that is a thing we all must do. We hope the good parts last longer which never happens. Yet we continue to make it happen.


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