If I didn’t believe that a single persons thought could change the world I wouldn’t be writing anything. Sounds like something someone would say with a huge ego. However it does hold some truth to it. I almost never talk about politics but today I am feeling for lack of a better word Spicy…

I believe in the idea of a Republican. Keyword… IDEA.. I love the concept of a person being born with nothing. Working hard, educating hard and building up to something only to spread that knowledge, Wealth, and ability to others. It’s a very American concept to come to some place with nothing and work hard/fight for something better. It’s what this land was founded on after all. So the concept of a Republican I know is a good one.

However it’s biggest flaw comes in the idea part. Ideas come from people and people are flawed without question. See in a structural concept the knowledge and money would trickle down to those in need. However people tend to take that idea so with it get selfish, emotional,  and lose touch with what it was supposed to be like.

Take a rich person today. Almost none of em want to be taxed, or told what to do with the money. It’s fair to say because clearly they worked hard for it. Some understand the concept but others will say I give back in my own way. Yet those same people feel the survival need of MINE MINE MINE..

Take care of YOUR family, Friends and those around YOU. Not everyone is entitled to the work you have done. It’s a stupid state of mind to be in and in all my time I don’t see it changing any time soon. Hell if the last 2 years has proven anything it’s that our lack of education and understanding has gone down the drain hard.

I just hope that in the future we understand what is best for all of us will be best for the individual as well..


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