I know it’s been a few moments since I last wrote here. Reason I haven’t is because life has taken some turns for the better and I didn’t notice that it was moving so fast. It reminds me that often things can surprise me “in a good way”.  Which makes me think about how it happens?

I know what I have come to expect of the world isn’t much but from time to time it does give me back something of value. Something of a goal or even a life changing event. Thing such as that are to be held close and put under the microscope. It’s important to treasure moments or even small brief periods of time like that. I am sure on this road it can be invigorating to make it all happen.

So I take this moment now to relax. Stay in a comfortable mind set for the moment and see what comes next? We don’t have control over stuff like this after all but we do always have control over our mind. The place it is taking me right now is good and I will enjoy it while I can.


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