It’s been a few days since my last post on here. Trust it wasn’t cause I didn’t want to write but because time is flying faster in every second. The situation remains as is.. Wake, Ready myself, Work, Check some E-mails, Sleep….Repeat

That pretty much has been the past few weeks. Seems boring but work has had me training newbies and I am over all happy for that. People have been in a strange space lately who come to my job. I don’t know if it’s stress or because the year is almost over but a underlined aggressiveness to it all has been happening.

At first I thought maybe it’s my age but I gave that some thought and came to the conclusion it has nothing to do with me. People are really just very hostel recently for no reason about the stupid things and I can’t comprehend why..  Years come and go this isn’t something that we all don’t deal with daily.

The one good thing I am noticing is that people are also starting to wake the fuck up. Questions are being asked about situations that should have been asked YESTERDAY. I suppose we will see how this outcome comes to be but I am over all excited to see the changes coming and going!