I was worshiped by many once… a long long time ago. I had this idea to be different once and like many ideas it grew. It got out of hand and I got tired of it. The change as it was so long ago made me feel like myself. Powerful and open minded to say the least.

I would walk around Brooklyn and laugh to myself because everyone couldn’t understand what I was thinking. How I could be so bold in my style and my presentation. It became tiring to explain and eventually as the years passed on I settled myself out. I became far more closed off.

My mind I don’t think will ever be closed in itself but the work and the effort that went into wanting to be different became pretty much the same. People liked what I did and so it was copied and pasted. I lost all interest after that and toned myself down. Eventually I left those people to do whatever and No one ever bothered to come look for me.

I often wonder what happened to many of them… but I don’t question to much now.